Honey bees are buzzing…

Did you know that we have three honey bee hives at Camp Fletcher? These hives are part of our new outdoor education program at camp, designed to teach kids about healthy food, science and nature in an interactive learning environment! Our bees have been dormant for the past few months, but this weekend we had a volunteer come out to camp to check on our hard working bees.

Our volunteer fed the bees sugar to help them survive the winter. Sprinkling sugar in the hive once a month helps the bees last through the cold, lean months. Bees are less active in the winter, and we wanted to be sure the hives were still in great condition.

bee pic 1
Staff and volunteers who are not trained with bees should keep a safe distance away from the hives at all times.
bee pic 2
Our volunteer sprinkling sugar in this very active bee hive!

As the weather warms up, our bees will become more and more active. In the spring, we should be able to collect and process our first honey harvest. Honey can be harvested twice a year, in the spring and fall, as long as the bees have produced enough honey for themselves to survive the winter. Making and selling honey is the primary reason we have bees at Camp Fletcher, but they also have other benefits; bees pollinate flowers, increasing their health and enhancing nearby gardens. Additionally, buying and consuming honey made where you live can help with allergies because the pollen helps your body build up immunity to allergens in your local environment.

Caring for our honey bees is a fun and exciting activity that camp staff and trained volunteers have the opportunity to help with. As we get ready to harvest honey in April, we will be sure to keep you updated on our bees and where you will be able to buy our fresh, local honey!

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