Staff Spotlight: Kasey

Last week, we introduced you to one of our awesome counselors for summer 2015, but we also want to give you a chance to get to know the people who work hard all year to make Camp Fletcher amazing! Today, we’re going to hear from Kasey, one of the best Camp Fletcher staff members (…but maybe we’re biased because we think ALL of our staff members are the best).

Our Program Coordinator, Kasey

Kasey is the Program Coordinator at Camp Fletcher. She’s been with camp for 7 years. Kasey just returned from the American Camping Association Conference, full of awesome ideas for this summer! Here’s what she had to say.

What is your favorite part about working at Camp Fletcher?
The camp culture and family environment is my favorite part about working at Camp Fletcher! I had the opportunity to work with a large group of friends that I went to college with at Jacksonville State University my very first summer and, after that, I was hooked. The people you work with become so much more than your co-workers, but a second family. I love that counselors and campers return year after year and  seeing the smiles on their faces when they enter our front gates. There is truly never a dull moment at Camp Fletcher.

In your opinion, what makes Camp Fletcher the best way to spend a summer?
Like I mentioned before, the culture is so different than traditional work places. We become a family, working with people you never imagined you would be working with while being a positive role model to the youth we serve. I might be biased, but I think we have the best campers too! They are so full of energy and excited about everything AND we get to spend our days outside doing archery, swimming, canoeing, etc. Who wouldn’t love going on fun adventures every day?

kasey quote

Where is your favorite spot at camp?
My favorite spot is the benches at our docking area for canoeing. It sits on Shades Creek and the location is perfect because you can see and hear the water moving with the current. One minute it might be filled with laughing children getting ready to set off on their trip to see our tiny waterfall. The next minute it might be filled only with the sounds of the creek and birds, making it a perfect spot to sit and contemplate life.

What are some goals you have for camp this summer?
My goal for this summer is simple: I just want to improve and make it better than it was last year. In the past I have made these grand plans for change and I feel that we make sure we have an amazing staff and programing for our campers. I just think we can improve on some things here and there that make our campers experience with us even more memorable and having those campers as our future camp counselors. I want them to Live The Experience and tell everyone about it!

What is the most interesting/exciting/strangest thing that has happened to you since you’ve been working at camp?
I know the strangest thing that happened to us was during staff training my third summer. We were in the middle of an activity and someone said, “Is that a cow?”. We walked out of our dining hall and we saw a bull just grazing across from us. When we walked toward it, it started running down the trail. We were all dumbfounded. The cow appeared two more times throughout camp that summer until the owner could be tracked down. It was pretty far away from its home.

The most exciting thing would have to be CSI week for day camp a year or two ago. A camper’s dad worked on a police force so he came out with cars and friends and had a big event for them and our campers even got little Junior Officer Badges. The kids loved it and had a blast hearing the sirens and the lights on the police car.

I think the most interesting thing is running into campers outside of camp. It’s just funny seeing their reactions and also the excitement on their face when they realize who you are. I think the most memorable moments for me happen more outside of camp because campers that you might have played a card game once or sat and talked with during pool time or meal time remember your name and run up and hug you. I think that is one of the biggest compliments is just receiving a hug because, to you, it seemed like only for a moment or just a summer that you connected with them, but for them it was for a lifetime and they may never forget.

If Camp Fletcher sounds like the perfect place for you or your children this summer, click here to find out more about our summer programs or contact us today.

3 thoughts on “Staff Spotlight: Kasey

  1. Joann Riggsby July 12, 2016 / 6:48 pm

    Sounds like so much fun there.I would love to be a kid again to exsperince it. Keep up the great work .God bless all of you.


    • campfletcher July 13, 2016 / 9:04 am

      We would love to have you come out and volunteer if you want to join in on all the fun! Let us know if you’d be interested!


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