WoHeLo: A Camp Fletcher Tradition

Camp Fletcher during the heavy snow fall in January 2014

As you drive into camp, you may have noticed a sign above the gate sporting an unfamiliar word. The word is WoHeLo, and it’s the banner that welcomes all campers, counselors, staff and volunteers to Camp Fletcher. It’s more than a word, however; it’s our catch phrase that represents who we are, what we stand for, and what we are striving to do every day at camp.

WoHeLo (pronounced whoa-hee-low) stands for work, health, and love. Our counselors are trained to facilitate conversations with campers about their day, and ways they saw WoHeLo materialize throughout the activities, conversations and lessons they had that day. Our campers reflect on each of the parts that make up WoHeLo, and we hope they come away with some important take-aways from these discussions.

Work: The work our campers do can be anything from their daily activities like swimming or canoeing, to team work, helping others, and achieving personal goals. We hope our campers will be able to identify the work they do, and begin to see how their work can impact those around them. The goal is for our campers to be engaged in their work, to try their hardest, and to be helpful and caring individuals.

Health: We address health in different ways at camp. Our campers are active and they learn the importance of getting up, getting outside, and moving around. We want our campers to be responsible for their bodies by making sure they are nourished, rested, hydrated, and in a positive mindset. We ask our campers to identify what they think health is and how to be healthy, but we also ask them to identify why health matters. By identifying ways they are making healthy choices each and every day, our campers are able to better incorporate health into their lives, both at camp and elsewhere.

Love: Love is the last element of WoHeLo, and it’s something we feel our campers do very well. We want everyone at Camp Fletcher to love themselves, each other and the world around them. When we have discussions about what love is, how we love and why it matters, we’re helping our campers develop compassion and empathy, and to learn how to build lasting and healthy relationships with those around them.

We want our campers to understand how important these things – work, health and love – are, and how to connect them to everything we do at Camp Fletcher. Our counselors and camp staff are trained to help all campers see the importance of WoHeLo, and to lead discussions that help our campers begin to make those connections themselves. While WoHeLo is something we focus on at camp, we hope it is something all campers carry with them throughout their lives, and we would like to encourage parents to have these conversations at home, too. WoHeLo is just as much a part of camp as the trees, and the cabins and the creek. We know our campers will remember the lessons they learn each summer at Camp Fletcher.

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