10 Tips for an awesome summer at Camp Fletcher!

boy camper

Camp parents, this one is for you! Even though we’re still facing winter weather, camp season will be here before we know it. As you start thinking about getting your child ready for our day or residential camps, we want to get you ready with our top ten tips for camp. We work hard to make sure your kids have a great summer, and these pointers will help insure their experience is absolutely the best!

  1. Water, water, water: We suggest bringing two bottles of water: one from the fridge and one from the freezer. Staying hydrated is extremely important, and the extra frozen water will give your kid a nice refreshment as the day goes on.
  2. Sun protection: We cannot stress enough how important sunscreen is! Apply it in the morning before you drop your child off, and make sure to send the bottle along so they can reapply throughout the day. Look for SPF 50 or above.
  3. Bug off!: Bug spray is super important because no one wants itchy bug bites all summer! Lotions are better than sprays, and be sure to follow up after camp with a tick check.
  4. Dress for success: Wearing the right clothes will help your child be comfortable and cool at camp! Avoid dark jeans and t shirts, sandals, flip flops, or anything you wouldn’t want to get messed up. We play outside A LOT, and it’s likely that your child is going to get dirty. Opt for tennis shoes and older clothes that are comfortable.
  5. Name it: Make sure you mark any item that your child brings to camp with their name in case it gets left behind. This also clears up any confusion if similar items are brought.
  6. Get back to nature: Think of camp as a time out from tech toys. Don’t bring any valuable items like handheld video games or cell phones. Camp is about getting outside and getting active, and we want all our campers to be fully engaged!
  7. Medical issues: Fill out all forms listing medicines and allergies properly. It’s our job to take care of your kid, physically and emotionally, so the more we know, the better equipped we are!
  8. In Case of Emergency: We cannot stress enough the importance of having an emergency contact, and also informing that person that they are the emergency contact! If anything happens, we need to get help as soon as possible, so we don’t want to spend time telling your emergency contact that they are the emergency contact.
  9. Great Expectations: We send home camp policies, newsletters, and activity information for you! We want you to know what to expect from your child’s time at Camp Fletcher, so it’s really important that you read everything we send to you. If we know what to expect from one another, things will run smoothly.
  10. Get to know Camp Fletcher: If you or your child is feeling uneasy about camp, be sure to attend one of our Open House events or call the office to set up a tour with our Camp Director! We want to get to know you and your kid so we can be sure this summer is one they will never forget. Encourage your kid to get excited about everything they will experience this summer, and you might find yourself remembering your favorite camp experiences, too!open house pic

If you would like to get more information about Camp Fletcher’s summer programs, click HERE. You can contact us to set up a tour of camp, or register online today.

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