Absolutely Incredible Kid Day!

absolutely incredible kid day

Across the country today, Camp Fire is celebrating Absolutely Incredible Kid Day to honor all the youth in this nation! We’re asking all adults to write an awesome and encouraging letter to a child in their life, letting them know that they are an Absolutely Incredible Kid! Whether you write a letter, tweet, post, or send a message, don’t forget to let the children in your life know how important and special they are! A simple reminder on #AIKD can make a big difference in the way kids and adults communicate, so we want every kid to receive a message today! Family experts, authors and leaders agree, so be sure to check out the testimonials page, where you will find this letter from Oprah Winfrey, among many other special messages!

Dear Incredible Boys and Girls of America,

Please know that it is very important to dream BIG and work hard toward reaching your goals … Don’t ever let anyone or anything hold you back from doing your very best. Stay in school!

– Oprah

For more information about #AIKD, click here to visit Camp Fire online & see what’s happening with Camp Fire Alabama on Facebook!

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