Alumni Spotlight: Rachel

Today we continue our Alumni Spotlight Series with Rachel! Rachel is 18 years old and a senior at Pelham High School. She will be attending Jacksonville State University this fall to study early childhood education. Rachel started out as a camper and will be returning this year for her first summer as a Camp Fletcher counselor. We know her passion for Camp Fletcher will make her an amazing counselor, so keep reading to learn all about her experiences at camp!


When does your Camp Fletcher story begin?
My camp story begins 13 years ago when my kindergarten class took a field trip to the camp pumpkin patch. That summer I started my first summer of camp as a residential camper and I fell in love!

How long have you been involved at Camp Fletcher?
This summer will be my 13th summer at camp. I started out as a camper when I was 6 years old. When I turned 15 I became an LIT at camp. At 16 and 17 I became a CIT, and it was great! This summer I will finally get to be a counselor and I could not be more excited to start a new journey at camp and with my camp family!

Can you tell me about one of your favorite camp memories?
After so many years it’s hard to think about just one. If I had to chose though I would say my 3rd summer at camp. My entire cabin except for me and one other girl went horseback riding at Tannehill. The two of us and two counselors went down to the creek and took the canoes to the waterfall. We sat in the water playing with rocks and trying to catch fish for a good 2 hours. I think that’s the moment I first fell in love with nature and I have camp to thank for that!

What lessons have Camp Fletcher taught you that you still carry with you today?
The biggest thing camp taught me was to be myself. I’ve always been a very loud and bold person, and camp taught me that that’s okay!

What role does Camp Fletcher have in your life today?
Camp has a huge part in my life! Getting to be an official counselor this summer is one of the best feelings to me. Every time I meet someone new, I tell them about camp. I’m sure by now my best friends and parents are tired of hearing about camp. I just love Camp Fletcher!

Do you feel your experiences at Camp Fletcher have shaped you? If so, how?
Camp 100% shaped me into the person I am today! I always knew I wanted to do something with kids for a living and going through the LIT and CIT really opened my eyes. While a CIT I discovered just how much I love kids and watching them learn, which is ultimately what caused my decision to go into early childhood education.

What would you tell someone who is considering coming to Camp Fletcher?
Come to camp, but be prepared to be there for life! Once you come to Camp Fletcher, you’re there forever!

What are your top 3 favorite things about camp?
1) My camp family(counselors) because they’re all such amazing people and I wouldn’t trade the summers I’ve spent working with them for anything! 2) The campers because they’re all so unique in their own ways, and it makes getting to be with them everyday so much more fun! 3) And canoeing because it’s so peaceful, and it’s a great time for everyone, campers and counselors, to work together without any arguing. The serenity of the creek makes everything better.

Can you describe your camp experiences in one word?

If spending your summer at Camp Fletcher sounds great to you, then visit us online to learn more about our summer camp programs or being a counselor at Camp Fletcher!

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