Counselor Spotlight: Meet Jillian!

Camp is just over a month away, and we’re working hard to get everything ready for June 1! We know this is going to be a great summer, and we are so excited about all of the amazing counselors joining us this year. Today we want you to meet Jillian, one of our newest Camp Fletcher counselors!


Jillian is 21 years old and from Mountain Brook, Alabama. She spent her first year of college at Highlands College studying Christian Ministry and specializing in missions work. She currently attends Jefferson State Community College where she is a Biology major and a Dean’s List Honor Student in Phi Kappa Theta. Jillian plans to transfer to UAB to pursue a career in neuroscience! This isn’t her first summer at Camp Fletcher, either; Jillian grew up coming to Camp Fletcher, and she has served as a Counselor in Training and an assistant life guard in the past. We are so excited to have her back this year!

What made you choose Camp Fletcher?
My first experience with Camp Fletcher was when I was 4 months old! I spent a weekend in the spring of 1994 at Camp Fletcher with my older sister and parents. They were both Camp Fire leaders for 6 years, taking their group to Camp Fletcher every spring and fall. My older sister went to Camp Fletcher for 10 years, and I grew up attending Camp Fletcher since I was 6 years old. I went every summer until 2010. It’s crazy to think that this will be the first time I’ve been back at Camp Fletcher in 5 years!

What previous experiences do you have that you think will make you a great counselor?
I have a well-developed background volunteering with children and teens both with and without special needs. Every Tuesday of my Freshman year at Highlands College, I would volunteer as a tutor and teacher’s aid at Woodlawn High School. I helped with an English class and with the special needs students. I also hosted “The Hang Out” ministry effort for high school students at the Woodlawn Dream Center every Tuesday, after which I would volunteer as a co-leader for a Zumba small group for elementary school-aged girls. I also volunteered with youths during many Church of the Highlands First Saturday Outreaches and mission trips around the world (Africa, Haiti, Honduras, etc.). I have 100+ volunteer hours at Mitchell’s Place where I instructed their karate and art units during my Junior year of high school. In middle school I was a frequent volunteer for St. Francis Xavier’s “A Special Night Out” – a monthly event geared towards bonding with and mentoring special needs children. I also have experience babysitting. Plus, I have the advantage of getting to be a camper and counselor here before. I was voted Birmingham Magazine’s runner up for “Best Camp Counselor” in the “Best of Birmingham” issue in 2010.

What are you most excited about for summer 2015 at Camp Fletcher?
I am the most excited about just getting to return to the place I considered my home-away-from-home for 10 years of my life and the family reunion that will follow – along with getting to meet plenty of new amazing people! I am also excited about having the opportunity to make a positive impact on the campers, because I know how life-changing the Camp Fletcher experience has been for myself.

We are so excited to welcome Jillian home to Camp Fletcher this summer. We know she’s going to be a great counselor and have a great summer with our staff and campers, both returning and new!

If you haven’t registered for camp yet, time is running out! Our registration is filling up faster than ever before, and it is extremely important that you send in registration forms and deposits as soon as possible in order to reserve your spot. For more information, visit us online or contact the camp office today!

A Day at Camp Fletcher (Part Two: Resident Camp)

At Camp Fletcher, we have two summer program options: our Day Camp, as well as various weeks of resident camp. This summer, we have resident camps for 1st through 9th grade, including Campers vs. Wild. For older campers, we also have Leader in Training and Counselor in Training camps. Our resident camps are super special, and our campers get the opportunity to hike, swim, canoe, play games, and camp under the stars! If you’ve ever wondered if resident camp might be right for your child, then join us today for A Day at Camp Fletcher.

resident camp photo collage

Our resident campers are up at 7:00 every morning, and they spend the first hour of the day getting dressed and cleaning the cabin. They go to breakfast at 8, and head over the flag pole for the flag raising at 8:45. They have two activities in the morning – at 9:15 and 10:30 – and these can be anything from canoeing, swimming, field games, hiking, fishing, arts and crafts or outdoor living skills. Campers 4th grade and up will have the opportunity to participate in archery and pellet guns, and our campers who are 6th grade and up will be able to experience the ropes course. Activity two ends at 11:45, and campers then meet together at the flagpole to get ready for lunch.

Lunch is at noon, and then campers are given a reflection time from 12:45 to 1:45. At 1:45, resident campers participate in another activity followed by time at the General Store at 3:00. Swimming takes place for two hours in the late afternoon, and then campers start getting ready for dinner at 5:00. Dinner is at 6:00, followed by a nightly activity at 7:15. Campers shower each night after their activity, and lights out is at 10:30.

Once a week, we have a cookout and a camp out, often on the same night if the weather permits. These are a great time for our campers to experience nature, and they love cooking dinner over a camp fire and sleeping under the stars. The morning following camp outs, our residents wake up and go straight to breakfast in their pajamas, and then do cabin chores and get ready for the day after they eat.

Our resident campers have long days, and they get to do and experience a lot! On Fridays, before they depart, we have a pow-wow and closing ceremonies, and it’s always hard when a week of resident camp is over because our resident campers get a great opportunity to experience all the best Camp Fletcher has to offer. They will make close friends, bond with our summer staff, and learn more about themselves. We love watching our campers learn and grow, and resident camp is a great way to facilitate that!

If you haven’t registered for one of our summer programs yet, now is the time! Registration is filling up quickly, so please get your forms and deposits in as soon as possible in order to reserve your spot. For more information about pricing and dates, check out our summer brochure, or register online today!

Starbucks & Camp Fletcher: Planting in April

Yesterday was a beautiful day at camp, and, after about a week of rainy days, we needed it. The sun finally came out, and temperatures stayed in the 70s all afternoon. It was a perfect day for our amazing Starbucks volunteers to come out to camp, and we had a great afternoon planting with them. A small group came, bringing with them tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and marigolds to plant in our raised beds close to the camp office. It was too muddy to plant in the Education Garden, but they had a great time working on the raised beds and in the tires. We’re so glad to have these amazing volunteers help with the planting and upkeep of our gardens, and we cannot wait until we’re able to harvest some amazing produce from these plants!

starbucks 4-20 1

starbucks 4-20 7

starbucks 4-20 8

starbucks 4-20 4

starbucks 4-20 9

As soon as it dries out, we’ll be able to plant the tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and peppers we got from the University of Montevallo Organic Plant Sale last week in the Education Garden. Our garden is all tilled and ready to go, and Wednesday is looking like a great day to get to work!

starbucks 4-20 13
The site of our Education Garden

If you would like to help in our Education Garden, we would love to have you! We’re looking for individuals and groups to help care for our garden, so if you’ve got a green thumb, contact us today for more information about how you can help!

A Day at Camp Fletcher (Part 1: Day Camp)

If you’ve never experienced a summer program at Camp Fletcher, then you might wonder what our campers do all day. Our schedules vary, depending on whether you’re a day camper or in a resident camp, and the weather can definitely change things, too! Today we’re going to give you a look inside the day camp program…come join us for A Day at Camp Fletcher!


Our counselors and staff are up bright and early because drop off begins at 7:00 in the morning! Drop off lasts until 8:45, but it’s really best if you drop your camper off before 8:30. On the first day, drop off can be hard for some campers (and some parents!) but our staff is great at making every kid feel welcome and excited about their time with us!

At 8:45 we meet at the flagpole to raise the flags. Activities are next, with two morning sessions back to back at 9:15 and 10:30. During the activity times, campers will be able to experience canoeing, field games, arts and crafts, outdoor living skills, hiking, fishing, and more! canoe 2For campers 4th grade and up, archery and pellet guns are a popular activity, and the ropes course is for campers 6th grade and up. Our campers have a different combination of activities every day, and we work hard to keep them engaged and excited about everything they’ll do over the summer!  Activity two ends at 11:45 and then we meet back at the flagpole to get ready for lunch.

Lunch is from noon to 1:00, and your campers will get a great meal to energize them for the afternoon! After lunch, our campers get ready for the pool and are able to swim from 1:30 to 3:30. Summers in Alabama are hot, and we know they love spending the warm afternoons in the pool! At 3:30, campers have the option to browse our General Store, and the day ends with pick up, starting at 4:00. All campers must be picked up by 6:00, and our summer staff spends the next few hours getting ready for the next day!

swimmingOur campers stay busy, and they’ll definitely come home tired at the end of the day. Day camp is a great summer alternative, because there are no televisions, cell phones, or video games. Each week of day camp has a different theme, and our campers spend their entire day playing, having adventures, learning and bonding with one another. It’s a really special experience, and we hope you’ll spend your summer with us at Camp Fletcher!

Registration for summer camp 2015 is filling up fast, and it’s likely that we will have a wait list for our summer programs. If you haven’t registered for summer camp yet, please get your registration form and deposit in as soon as possible. We’re filling up quickly, so head on over to our website for our summer programs brochure, or register online today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Counselor Spotlight: Welcome back Hayden!

Summer camp kicks off in less than 50 days, and we’re hard at work finding the rest of our summer staff. We’re going to continue posting counselor spotlights until camp begins, so you can get to know every single counselor working at Camp Fletcher this summer! Today we’re introducing you to Hayden, and we’re so excited that he has joined us for another summer at camp.


Hayden is 24 years old and originally from Cartersville, Georgia. He graduates from Jacksonville State University on May 1 with a degree in Music Education. Hayden spent summer 2013 at Camp Fletcher, where he served as both a resident camp counselor and a lifeguard. We are so excited to have him back this summer!

What made you choose Camp Fletcher?
I chose Camp Fletcher because it was a great opportunity for the summer since I am becoming a teacher. I was able to take what I’ve learned in school and apply it to another job, and I’ll also be able to take what I learn from camp and apply it to my teaching.

What previous experiences do you have that you think will make you a great counselor?
I was in Boy Scouts as a kid and teenager, ultimately getting my Eagle rank before I turned 18. I had many summers at Boy Scout camp learning useful skills that I hope to pass on. On top of that, I am going to be a teacher so I have plenty of experience working with young children.

What are you most excited about for summer 2015 at Camp Fletcher?
I am excited for new campers. I enjoy seeing new faces that returning campers have recruited from their schools. A lot of children don’t get to experience a camp atmosphere, so this is a great chance for them to get that.

We’re also excited about all the new campers this summer, and we know Hayden is going to have a great time working at Camp Fletcher!

If you are interested in working at Camp Fletcher this summer, visit us online today or check out our post about working at camp. Summer staff must be at least 18 years old and able to commit to the entire summer. Counselors are carefully chosen for their leadership skills and interest in child development. All staff members are required to have a criminal background check, a multi-panel drug test, and must participate in an extensive training program following the American Camping Association and Camp Fire’s policies and guidelines. If you would like to apply, click here for more information!

Registration for summer camp 2015 is filling up fast, and it’s likely that we will have a wait list for our summer programs. If you haven’t registered for summer camp yet, please get your registration form and deposit in as soon as possible. We’re filling up quickly, so head on over to our website for our summer programs brochure, or register online today.

Five tips to make this summer the best ever!

At Camp Fletcher, we want every kid that spends time with us to get the most out of their camp experience as possible! We know you’re excited, and maybe a little nervous, especially if this is your first time coming to Camp Fletcher. We want you to know that this summer is going to be awesome, so today we’ve got five tips for making this summer at Camp Fletcher the best ever!


  1. Make new friends: You’re going to meet a lot of people at camp, and we want you to jump right in and get to know people! You’ll be spending a lot of time with the campers in your group, so it’s a good idea to make friends. If you’re a little shy, that’s okay, and we will definitely help you get to know everyone! Making new friends is an important part of having a great summer, so don’t be afraid to say hello to someone you don’t know.
  2. Get involved: You’ll have opportunities to swim, hike, canoe and so much more! In order to have as much fun as possible, we want you to get involved in every camp activity, even if it’s new! Trying new things is really important, and we know you’ll have more fun if you approach all camp activities with a positive attitude.
  3. Show your spirit: We hope you are as excited about coming to Camp Fletcher as we are to have you there, and the best way to let us know you’re having a good time is by showing it. Being energetic and enthusiastic is a great way to show your love for camp, and we know that next year, you’ll be counting down the days until camp starts!
  4. Be yourself: At Camp Fletcher, we want to get to know you, and there’s never any pressure to be a certain way. We want you to be your best self and show everyone how nice, fun and positive you can be! Everyone should be included, and there’s no need to leave people out who might be different from you. At Camp Fletcher, everyone is family and everyone belongs.
  5. Keep an open mind: Sometimes at camp, things might not go how you planned, and that’s okay. It’s important to stay calm and keep an open mind. We want you to try new things, make new friends and have new experiences, but in order to do that you have to be willing! Keeping an open mind will allow you to experience all the best that Camp Fletcher has to offer.

We are so excited about summer camp 2015, and we want all our campers to have a great experience! When you go back to school and everyone asks, “what did you do over the summer?” we know you will have the best stories to tell!

Registration for summer camp 2015 is filling up fast! We had a great turn out at Junk in Your Trunk, as well as the open house events, and it’s likely that we will have a wait list for our summer programs. If you haven’t registered for summer camp yet, please get your registration form and deposit in as soon as possible. Today is the last day for early bird registration, and anyone who registers by the end of the day will receive a $10 credit to the General Store! We’re filling up quickly, so head on over to our website for our summer programs brochure, or register online today.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today.

Camp Countdown!

camp countdown 1

Spring is here, which means that summer camp is just around the corner and things are busy at Camp Fletcher! This weekend was our community yard sale at camp, plus we hosted open house events on Saturday and Sunday. Everyone has been very busy getting ready for camp, and we’re so excited! We know you’re excited, too, and if you’re counting down the days (like we are), then you know that yesterday marked 50 days until the first day of summer camp!

There is still time to register for our day or resident programs, so be sure to check out our brochure or register online today. The next few months are going to be super busy as we work hard to get camp ready. We’ll be filling the pool, holding staff training, finalizing new program curriculum, and so much more! We know this summer is going to be great, and we cannot wait to see all our campers, old and new, on June 1!