Why we unplug @ Camp Fletcher

When your child comes to Camp Fletcher, they’re going to learn a lot of new things: swimming, canoeing, archery, leadership skills, team building and so much more. We spend a lot of time creating opportunities for our campers to build character, become responsible citizens and learn more about themselves. In order to do this, though, they have to be invested and engaged in what’s going on around them. For our campers, this means unplugging. At Camp Fletcher, we do not allow our campers to have cell phones, video games, tablets or any other electronic devices, because we highly value the time your child will spend with us. Camp isn’t just a babysitting service; we know your kids are there to learn and grow, and unplugging plays a vital role in that process.


For kids who spend time watching tv, playing games and surfing the internet, we want camp to be a drastically different experience. While we recognize the importance of technology and the role it plays in our lives, we also have come to learn the importance of unplugging for three distinct reasons.

  1. Unplugging allows kids to be fully engaged: When kids aren’t checking their phones, they’re able to be fully present in each and every activity at camp. Campers try things they’ve never imagined doing, so we want them to take every opportunity to participate. We want all the kids at Camp Fletcher to learn something new every day, but they have to be paying attention in order for this to happen. This is especially important when kids are listening to instructions: if they’re distracted, they’re more likely to miss an important piece of information, and this could mean their safety is compromised. We never want a child to be so worried about keeping up with their device that they miss an opportunity or don’t hear important directions. By removing phones and other devices from the equation, we’re ensuring that your kids are able to participate 100% in the safest way possible.
  2. Unplugging allows kids to connect to their community: Cell phones often mean kids are texting or chatting with their friends from school. While we understand that our campers have friends outside of camp, we also know how valuable camp friendships can be. Camp Fletcher is extremely diverse, and we want all our campers to meet people who are different from them. When they have to put down their devices and connect to those around them, it becomes much easier to make new friends. While this might be more difficult for shyer kids, we’ll help them break out of their comfort zone – and this can only occur without devices. We want all of our campers to get to know the people around them and to find their place in this new community.
  3. Unplugging is fun: Even though kids might be reluctant to give up their cell phones and video games, we know they will have just as much (if not more) fun without them! Our campers stay busy, and they spend their days swimming, hiking, canoeing, and playing outside. While technology is an important part of their life, we know camp can be a life-changing experience. Our campers will always value the time they spent at Camp Fletcher connecting to nature and to their fellow campers.

At Camp Fletcher, we are working hard to create a fun, safe environment for your kid to experience new things! Our campers are our #1 priority, and we wouldn’t have this rule if we didn’t feel it was in their best interest. We want your child to have the best summer of their life at Camp Fletcher, and we believe that unplugging is key to that experience.

If you have any questions about our policy, or for more information about how you can get in contact with your child during camp, feel free to visit us online or contact us today.

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