Camp Fletcher Leaders


At Camp Fletcher, summer camp isn’t just about hikes and swimming and s’mores; it’s about growing and learning, and we’re able to watch as our campers find their place and learn more about who they are. Each and every summer, we witness amazing transformations: shy kids become loud and expressive, everyone is forced out of their comfort zone and into new territory, groups of campers who’ve never met become a close family. This is the magic of a summer at Camp Fletcher, and it’s one of the things we love most about working here. When kids come to camp, they’re going to learn and do a lot, but the most important thing they will learn is how to be a leader. While they might not have a title or a leadership role, each and every camper has the chance to learn to lead, and we know this makes a huge difference in how they behave and the choices they make all year long. By learning flexibility, personal responsibility and building strong character, we know our campers are learning what it takes to be a leader in their schools, friend groups, sports teams and wherever else they go once summer camp ends.

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The ability to be flexible is so important in life, and it’s something our campers learn from experience. Things don’t always go as planned: it rains, your team loses, a schedule change means you have to wait a little longer to try a new activity. Life happens, even at camp, and our campers learn to adapt to these changes. They learn from doing, because this is something that just comes with being at camp. They also learn from watching, because our staff and counselors are excellent at adapting to change, being flexible and keeping a great attitude.

Even though we have great staff that works hard to keep our campers safe, we also make sure to teach them personal responsibility. We want our campers to learn outdoor safety, and how to make good and safe decisions when they’re taking risks. Each camper learns to be responsible for his or her own actions, and they’re able to see the consequences of both good and bad choices. When our campers choose to have a good attitude, get involved, and support their peers, they will have a great time at camp. Each day, campers have countless opportunities to make good decisions that will positively impact their camp experience and improve their lives in the future.


Camp is so very different from anything else kids experience. They spend a lot of time with people they’ve never met, and they’re pushed every day to try new things. Good leaders are people that can assist others well, and our campers are expected to be helpful and kind every single day. In sports and other team building activities, our campers learn to be supportive, to be a good winner and a good loser, and to try their best. They are encouraged to be kind, to communicate well and to be honest and loyal. Whether they know it or not, all of these positive characteristics are helping them become strong leaders every single day.

Whether it’s their first summer at Camp Fletcher, or their last, all of our campers will develop leadership skills while they’re with us. Our goal is to build strong and confident leaders that make a positive impact in their families, their schools and their communities. We know how great the world can be when campers become leaders, and it all starts with a summer at Camp Fletcher.

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