5 reasons summer camp counselors are the hardest working people ever!

counselors 3

We’re nearly halfway through summer camp, and we’ve had a lot of fun so far! This year at Camp Fletcher, we have one of the largest teams of summer staff we’ve ever had. Each of our counselors were hand-selected and had to endure a week-long training session before they became Camp Fletcher counselor because know that being a counselor is super hard work, and not everyone is cut out for it! From dealing with the heat and unexpected to rain to keeping their attention focused all day, we know that counselors have to be energetic, dedicated and caring. Today we’ve got five reasons why summer camp counselors are the hardest working people ever!

counselors 1The great outdoors: We all know summers in the south are hot and humid, but the counselors at Camp Fletcher fearlessly agree to spend their summer months outside. Yes, they get to swim and spend time in the lake, but all the hiking and canoeing can get hot – not to mention the bugs! Our counselors don’t mind, though, because they know that getting outside and getting active is super important.

Think fast: Being a camp counselor means you have to be resilient, flexible, and you have to think on your feet. Caring for a group of campers every day can get a little hectic, and our counselors are experts at keeping their cool. They know how to adapt, and they can deal with unforeseen problems. They know that keeping our campers safe and having fun is key, and keeping that in mind at all times means making good, quick decisions.

It gets kind of dirty: From the lake and mud to pies in their faces, our counselors endure a lot of dirt throughout the summer. They make sacrifices (like leading songs or getting thrown in the pool) so our campers can have a great time. They’re not afraid to get their hands dirty, even though their showers probably aren’t as long as they would like.counselors 2

It’s all about WoHeLo: Being a camp counselor means spending your summer investing in your campers, and this can be hard work! Our counselors value your kids, and they want to see them be the best version of themselves. At Camp Fletcher, this means talking about work, health and love every day and making sure our campers are building character and making good choices. They’re not just teaching them how to canoe or shoot an arrow – our counselors are teaching values that our campers will carry with them years into the future.

It’s never about them: A big part of being a camp counselor is being in the camp community! Your coworkers become your family, and that means that our counselors can build relationships, work together and be a team player. They invest all of themselves into camp, and they give 110% every single day. Our counselors work hard to make Camp Fletcher a home for our campers, and we know that’s one of the reasons they come back each and every year.

We believe that a summer at Camp Fletcher can be a life-changing experience, but that wouldn’t be possible without all of our amazing counselors. They work hard all summer, and we’re so thankful they call Camp Fletcher home!

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