5 Memorable Camp Fletcher Moments

If you’ve ever been to summer camp, we’re sure you remember making a new best friend or learning to canoe. Summer camp is the perfect setting to make some incredible memories, and it’s no different at Camp Fletcher! We’ve made it more than halfway through our programming, and we can’t believe the summer has gone by so fast. We’re now more than five weeks into the summer, and we know our campers are having fun and making lots of memories. In honor of wrapping up week five, we’ve got 5 memorable moments we know our campers have experienced this summer at Camp Fletcher!

An awesome jump in the pool: With a summer this hot, we know how refreshing it is to swim and play in the Camp Fletcher pool. Whether they’re searching for pool toys on the bottom, playing with their friends, or just swimming around, we know our campers love spending time in the water!


Making a new friend: Our campers get to meet a lot of new people when they come to Camp Fletcher, and this is one of the best parts about camp! Campers make new friends each day, and we know how exciting and fun it is to meet someone new!

A great canoe ride in Shades Creek: Our campers LOVE to canoe, and it’s definitely one of the most exciting activities – especially for kids who have never done it before! Shades Creek is beautiful, and we know our campers love to explore as they’re paddling with their friends and learning from their counselors.


Learning something new: From the ropes course to arts & crafts, our campers are sure to learn something new each day! We know how exciting this new discovery can be, and we’re sure that our campers carry what they learn this summer with them for years to come.

Connecting with a counselor: Our counselors work hard to make sure campers are safe, happy and having fun! Our small staff to camper ration means they get to know each other, and it’s always great to see our counselors and campers connecting!


We know a summer at Camp Fletcher can be a life-changing experience, and making memories that last a lifetime are such an important part of that! The summer is only half-way over, but we can already see the impact our programs have on our campers, and that is definitely the best part about working at camp. We love seeing campers live the Camp Fletcher experience!

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