Parent Testimonial: Deanne

Our camp families are such an important part of what makes Camp Fletcher so special, and we know that we couldn’t do everything we do without our amazing camp parents! At Camp Fletcher, if our campers are having fun and learning and our camp parents are excited to bring their kids to camp, then we know we’re doing a good job. Today, we have a very special spotlight for you – our very first parent testimonial! We’re so excited for you to hear what camp mom Deanne has to say about her son’s experience at Camp Fletcher! Hayden is spending his first summer at Camp Fletcher, and we are so excited to share his family’s experience with camp & for you to learn more about why Deanne chose Camp Fletcher for her son!

HaydenDeanne (2)

How did you learn about Camp Fletcher?
Living local we knew Camp Fletcher existed, but we were able to get more information on Camp Fletcher from the website.

What do you like about Camp Fletcher?
Hayden is able to unplug from technology, get outside, be active, and have fun. He has been able to experience so many awesome activities like canoeing and archery. Hayden was excited to get Homecoming King his very first week at Camp Fletcher. He’s had a blast swimming every day, playing games, and has made new friends. Hayden wants to come back next year, then participate in the CIT program, and hopefully he’ll get to be a counselor one day.

What have your experiences with the staff been like?
The staff has been amazing, super friendly, and very helpful.

What made you choose Camp Fletcher?
After looking at the website and seeing how many activities he would get to participate in and all the fun he would have, we knew Camp Fletcher was where we wanted Hayden to go.

Would you recommend Camp Fletcher to your friends?
Most definitely!

Deanne, thank you so much for sharing your Camp Fletcher experience with us! We’re so happy that Hayden is having an awesome summer, and it’s great to have you in the Camp Fletcher family!

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