Parent Testimonial: Eddy & Brandy Parsons

The Parsons joined the Camp Fletcher family last year, and we’re so glad they did! Brandy and Eddy sent their daughter Sarah to Camp Fletcher for her second summer this year, and it was such a wonderful summer. We are so thankful for families like the Parsons, and it was so much fun to hear all about this family’s Camp Fletcher experience!

How did you learn about Camp Fletcher?
We live near the camp.

What do you like about Camp Fletcher?
Everything! Camp Fletcher is GREAT!

What have your experiences with the staff been like?
The staff is always sweet & helpful!

What makes Camp Fletcher a good match for your family?
Camp Fletcher and its staff share the same values as our family.

How is Camp Fletcher different from other summer camps you’ve been involved with?
This is the only summer camp Sarah has attended. When you find something this great, why go elsewhere?

What made you choose Camp Fletcher?
The shared values and friendly staff. Also, knowing that Erika Hadaway would be there with our baby!

Would you recommend Camp Fletcher to your friends?
Yes. We have recommended Camp Fletcher to friends & three joined the Camp Fletcher family this summer!

We’re so grateful for all of our amazing camp parents, and we especially want to thank Brandy and Eddy for sharing their experiences with us. We couldn’t do everything we do without the support of our camp families! Thank you!

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