Parent Testimonial – Jennifer M.

Jennifer and her daughter Maddy joined the Camp Fletcher family this year. Maddy just turned 6, making her old enough to attend Camp Fletcher for the very first time this summer. We know Maddy had an amazing summer with us, and it’s great to hear Jennifer talk about their first summer experience with Camp Fletcher. We hope to see them back again next summer!

Maddy’s first summer at Camp Fletcher

How did you learn about Camp Fletcher?
My best friend’s little girl loves Camp Fletcher and we knew that Maddy would love it as much as she does!

What do you like about Camp Fletcher?
The fact that the kids are playing in nature and NOT with an electronic device in their hands.

What have your experiences with the staff been like?
Wonderful! Lynn and all the staff have been fantastic to work with, and Maddy really likes all the counselors.

What makes Camp Fletcher a good match for your family?
It’s very close to home and you can pick which days and weeks are best for you.

How is Camp Fletcher different from other summer camps you’ve been involved with?
This is our only one, but I wouldn’t even consider sending her to any other camps around here.

What made you choose Camp Fletcher?
Very high recommendations from friends. Having a nurse on staff was a huge plus for us.

Would you recommend Camp Fletcher to your friends?
Yes and I have!

If you know someone who might be interested in coming to Camp Fletcher next summer, feel free to share this or any of our other Parent Testimonials with them. We’re so thankful for our awesome camp parents, and we know you won’t be disappointed with your Camp Fletcher experience!

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