AmeriCorps VISTA Spotlight: MiChele!

This week, Camp Fire Alabama and Camp Fletcher welcomed two new AmeriCorps VISTA members to the Education Garden program at camp! These VISTAs are a vitally important resource for Camp Fletcher as they work to engage the community, develop new resources and provide valuable capacity building to our organization. We’re so excited for you to meet MiChele!

michele mills

MiChele joined Camp Fletcher as the Resource Development Specialist for the Education Garden project. She is originally from Malden, MO, but lived in the Charleston, SC area for more than 25 years. She comes to Birmingham to spend time with her daughter, and we’re so excited to have her at Camp Fletcher!

What made you decide to serve as a VISTA with Camp Fletcher?
I am very excited about teaching youth about where their food comes from and how to make healthy food choices because of that knowledge.

What previous experiences do you have that you feel will equip you for your position?
I have experience dealing with people from all walks of life and my life experience helps me relate to them in a way that they can find value in our program. I served as an AmeriCorps volunteer in Arizona for the last 18 months honing the skills I need in my current role.

What are your goals for your year of service? What do you hope to accomplish?
I plan to expand the network of community partners and continue to grow the relationships with the existing partners in regards to Camp Fire programs and specifically for Camp Fletcher and the Community Garden. I also plan to help establish a support/governing body for Camp Fletcher for long-term sustainability.  I will set up a program for continuity when my service is complete that will allow for seamless portability.

What aspect of your position are you most excited about?
I am thrilled to work with people that are “on fire” with passion!

What aspect of your position do you feel will be the most challenging?
Learning the traffic patterns will probably be the most challenging – it has been so far.

What are you excited to do now that you’re in Alabama?
I moved to Alabama to be near my daughter. (I spent the last two years in Arizona near my son.) I am looking forward to some road trips with her to visit my family in Missouri and friends in South Carolina and North Carolina. I am also really excited about getting to enjoy the fall colors again. Each time I move to a new area, it is like Christmas – getting to explore all the things that are intrinsic to the area. I enjoy camping, hiking, and gardening.

We’re so excited to have MiChele join us for her year of service with AmeriCorps VISTA! For more information about the Education Garden, click here!

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