What to do if you’re already missing Camp Fletcher

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We’ve been experiencing some incredibly nice weather in the Birmingham area for the past few days, and it’s a pretty clear sign that summer is officially over and fall is inching its way here. It was an incredible summer – one of our busiest yet, but we know our campers and counselors are probably already settled into their school year routine. We’re been staying busy, too, but we definitely know you’ve gotta be missing camp by now! If the cooler weather’s got you down, we’ve got a few tips to deal with some end of summer sadness!

  1. Reminisce with photos: Our social media sites are a great way to see photos from the summer! Our campers made a lot of memories this year, and many of those memories were captured in photos. We’ve got albums for most sessions on Facebook, and we’re also daily updating our Instagram account. If you don’t already, be sure to follow us on social media – you can do it on the right side of this page! Don’t forget to tag yourself and your camp friends so you can stay in touch.
  2. Come back for fall events: We’ve got plenty of awesome events planned for this fall at Camp Fletcher, and we want you to be there for all of them! From day events like the community yard sale or Camp Fletcher Unplugged for Jefferson County schools, to our overnight fall retreat in October, we know the next few months are going to be packed full of fun at camp! If you’re missing summer, experiencing camp in the fall will definitely help!
  3. Start planning for next summer: We know you’ve got a lot of school year before summer camp starts again, but it’s never too late to start planning! Don’t hesitate to look at a calendar and start thinking about what weeks you’d like to join us. Registration isn’t open yet, but it will fill up fast! Planning for next summer and gearing up for registration is sure to get you excited for summer 2016 at Camp Fletcher!
  4. Count down the days: If you really can’t wait until next summer, go ahead and start counting down the days! We’ll keep you updated as it gets closer, but marking down the days on the calendar is a great way to get excited for everything you’ll experience next summer at Camp Fletcher!

We still have to make it through the winter months, but we know it will go by fast! We’re already so excited for next summer at Camp Fletcher, and we hope these four tips will get you excited, too!

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