Tie Dye DIY

One of our favorite activities at Camp Fletcher is tie dying! Each of our campers learn this super fun activity, and it’s an easy way to get creative. We know our campers love taking home a shirt they’ve dyed, but this is an activity the entire family can enjoy! All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you’ll be crafting like you’re at Camp Fletcher!

At Camp Fletcher, we use fabric dyes that you can buy at any craft store or even online. We use a lot of dye each summer, but tie dying kits are perfect for smaller projects at home. You’ll also need an item to dye. At Camp Fletcher, we like to tie dye camp shirts, and for this post we used a Camp Fire Alabama shirt and a Camp Fletcher shirt.

Before you begin the tie dyeing process, you want to soak your shirt in a mixture of water and baking soda. This helps the shirts retain the colors better. Just fill up a bucket with water and add baking soda until the mixture is creamy. Let the shirts soak for at least ten minutes.

step 1

Once the shirts have soaked, be sure to rinse them out and lay them down flat on a clean surface. We put town a trash bag to keep our surface and the shirts clean.

At Camp Fletcher, we like our shirts to have a spiral pattern. To get this effect, you simply pick a point on the shirt that you want the spiral to originate from and hold it with your thumb and finger. Then, move out in a circular motion, spiraling the shirt around the center point.


Once the shirt is spiraled, you may begin adding dye. We add 4-5 colors in “pie slice” sections. Be sure to get enough dye on the sides of the shirt, and don’t forget to flip it over and do the other side! Be careful not to use too much dye. Once the shirt is thoroughly dyed, we pushed out any excess color, secured it with rubber bands and placed it in a ziploc bag.


Let the shirt sit in the bag, preferably in the sun, for at least 24 hours. Once the shirt is dry, rinse it out then run it through the washer and dryer without any detergent or other clothing items as the shirt colors may run.

Our campers love this awesome activity, and we hope you enjoy being able to do it at home!

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