Resident Camp Builds Character

At Camp Fletcher, we know the benefits of a summer at camp are endless because we see the impact our programs have on campers each and every year. While day camp is a great way to spend your summer, we know there is something incredibly special about our resident programs. There is so much competition for our children’s time in the summer – sports practices, summer school, well-deserved vacations. But resident camp is a gift. Our campers learn important lessons, and they have so much fun exploring camp, trying new things and challenging themselves.


Resident camp builds self-confidence and self-esteem. At resident camp, you don’t have to be the very best to thrive. Everyone get a chance to explore their talents and interests, and our counselors know how to encourage campers to try hard and be proud of their achievements. Campers learn teamwork and independence, and success at camp means your child returns home feeling good about who they are and what they’ve done.

Resident camp is a safe environment. At Camp Fletcher, safety is our top priority. Our trained staff and counselors work hard to keep every camper safe, while also allowing them to take risks, explore and have awesome adventures! Whether it’s a canoe trip down shades creek or a challenge on the ropes course, our staff creates an environment where campers feel safe trying new things.

Resident camp is a place to build social skills and make friends. Campers are socializing with one another from the time they wake up until the time they go to sleep, and our programs are designed to improve their teamwork, leadership and communication skills. A week at resident camp can drastically improve social skills, and this is a life-changing experience for many campers.

According to the American Camp Association, parents report that camp experiences help their children feel good about themselves, learn independence, and try new things. If you’re a day camp parent or new to Camp Fletcher completely, we hope you’ll consider whether a resident program might be the right choice for your camper this summer. Online registration is now open and you can find more information about our affordable sessions on our website!

Our Top 5 Counselor Qualities


Summer will be here before we know it, and we’re looking to fill camp counselor positions for 2016. Great counselors are key to an awesome summer at Camp Fletcher, and we work to ensure that each summer staff member has the skills and characteristics they need to succeed at Camp Fletcher. Working at a summer camp is hard work, but it’s worth the effort.We think being a counselor at Camp Fletcher is the best way to spend your summer! If you love the outdoors and working with kids, we’re looking for you – check out all of the qualities we look for in our summer camp counselors below:

  1. Love for the outdoors: If you love being outside and can handle the heat of an Alabama summer, this could be the job for you! Our counselors lead hikes, canoe, play field games and basically spend the entire day outside. It’s hard work, but it’s also tons of fun if you love being outside!
  2. Flexibility and a positive attitude: Our counselors have to be flexible and must have the ability to adapt to unexpected situations. Whether it means staying calm in a stressful situation or leading an activity you weren’t expecting, our counselors should be able to think on their feet and love a good challenge.
  3. Great with kids: Our campers are our #1 focus, and we’re here to insure they have an amazing summer camp experience! Our counselors have the opportunity to become role models, and it’s super important that they enjoy teaching and caring for children.
  4. Leadership abilities: Our counselors have to be able to lead campers, and this often means strong communication and decision-making skills. If you have strong leadership skills or are seriously looking to develop them, this might be the right job for you!
  5. Desire to learn and grow: Our best counselors know that, while they might be great at their job, there’s always room for improvement. Spending a summer at Camp Fletcher can be a great way to learn more about yourself and grow as a person!

You’ll leave camp with unique skills, new best friends, and a ton of great memories. Our counselors have FUN, but they also learn a lot about their skills and their passions. A summer at camp is truly an experience you’ll never forget! If you’ve got what it takes, and you think this sounds like a good fit for you, visit the summer staff job page on our website to learn more about the position and how to apply!

VISTA Spotlight: John!

john b

This week is AmeriCorps Week, and we are proud to have four AmeriCorps VISTA members currently serving at Camp Fletcher! Our newest member, John, joined a few weeks back as the Garden Specialist, and we’re so happy to have him at camp overseeing the garden. John is from Fort Bragg, North Carolina and is currently pursuing a degree in architecture.

1. What made you decide to serve as a VISTA with Camp Fletcher? I decided to serve at Camp Fletcher because of my interest in helping youth gain knowledge through hands-on experiences that will assist them in succeeding in their future endeavors.

2. What previous experiences do you have that you feel will equip you for your position? Before I decided to serve as a VISTA, I worked as a counselor for an after-school program known as Open Door. I have also been a camp counselor for the Woodlore Camping School based in the Boy Scouts of America’s Choctaw District. As an Eagle Scout, I have volunteered for many organizations ranging from the Wounded Warriors Project to the Red Cross.

3. What are your goals for your year of service? What do you hope to accomplish? In my year, I hope to build the foundation for an education garden that, over time, will expand into a cornerstone of Camp Fletcher. While I believe that it will be difficult to quickly create a database of what is best to grow in the garden with the time I have been given, with my support staff and resources I am confident that it is possible. I am excited for the opportunity to learn, as well as teach others about my own endeavors planting in the garden. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty and start planting.

4. What are you excited to do now that you’re in Alabama? Now that I have moved to Birmingham I am overjoyed to begin backpacking all the new trails that are available to me and traveling to the great city of Auburn to watch football games, War Eagle!

We’re so excited to have John with us! If you want to learn more about the garden at Camp Fletcher, or if you’re interested in volunteering, be sure to check out this post. We’ll be planting our spring garden very soon, and we can always use an extra hand!