I believe

From: Lauren
Sent: Monday, June 5, 2017 1:30 PM
To: twinkle@campfire-al.org
Subject: I Believe

Dear Twinkle,

I just want to say, the adults at Camp Fletcher may not believe in you but the Campers sure do. I know my sister, brothers, and I do. But I have a question. Doesn’t it bother you when people don’t believe in you? Can’t you show people that you exist so that they’ll believe? I wish more people knew that magical creatures existed.

Much love (and always believing),

From: Twinkle
Sent: Tuesday, June 6, 2017 12:09 PM
To: Lauren
Subject: re: I Believe


Thank you so much for your sweet e-mail. It’s so nice to hear from one of my camper friends.

You asked me a question that I think about a lot. I’ve even asked my animal friends what I should do, and they can’t agree on the answer.  Mr. Hawk thinks I should join in the fun at Camp Fletcher like any other camper.  He thinks I should be with you in the mornings, singing camp songs, playing games with you on the field and canoeing down Shades Creek with you. But Mr. Hawk is a showoff.  He likes to fly high and proud for anyone to see, and he’ll even screech at you if he thinks he’s not getting enough attention.

Miss Bobcat has the exact opposite opinion. She’s super shy, and the people at Camp Fletcher hardly ever see her. When the camp is full of campers, Miss Bobcat goes deep into the woods to hide.  She says I would be crazy to let people know I really exist. She says people would try to trap me if they knew I was real, so they could put me in a zoo or study me in a laboratory.  I’ve been living at Camp Fletcher for 91 years, and I still haven’t made up my mind yet about this.

p1422374974-3It makes me very happy to know that you believe in me and that your sister and brothers do too (please say hi to them for me). But, Lauren, it doesn’t matter so much if you believe in me. What really matters is that you believe in Lauren. If you believe in yourself with all your heart, you will be able to do great things in life. I hope your school and Camp Fletcher are helping you to learn all about how powerful you really are inside. You can accomplish fantastic things by believing in yourself and becoming the best Lauren you can be.

Keep looking for me, Lauren, and you might see me–if only out of the corner of your eye.

With love and friendship,

Twinkle Loblolly
Camp Elf

Whether you’re like Lauren and have a question for Twinkle or you just want to say hi, Camp Fletcher’s very own elf would love to hear from you. You can e-mail Twinkle at twinkle@campfire-al.org.


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