Keeping it fresh after 91 years

Pearl makes a friend at Camp Fletcher.

You might think that one week of summer camp is the same as any other, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Any child who goes to Camp Fletcher can expect to experience certain activities like singing camp songs, canoeing, swimming and doing crafts. You can bet the ranch that taco salad will be on the menu on any given Wednesday. But, although a lot of what makes camp great doesn’t change from week-to-week or year-to-year, every week at Camp Fletcher is unique, and every week is special.

There are several reasons for this, starting with the kids who come to camp.  Our campers play a huge role in making the Camp Fletcher experience so fun and memorable. Our mix of campers is different on any given week, and our campers literally make the camp what it is.

The weather is different from week to week.  Last week was soggy. This week started off dry and beautiful. That alone makes a big difference in the programming we’re running on any given day.

Some weeks feature special enrichment activities.   Recently Courtney Underwood with

Courtney Underwood and Gatsby teaching our kids about responsible pet ownership.

the Greater Birmingham Humane Society stopped by for a visit. Our campers were delighted to meet Courtney and learn about responsible pet ownership.  They were especially delighted to make friends with Gatsby and Pearl, Courtney’s canine companions.  Gatsby, a Great Dane, and Pearl, a Pomeranian, charmed everyone they met at Camp Fletcher that day.

Also, we just like to mix things up to keep the camp experience fresh for everyone as the summer rolls on. This week camp has a Homecoming theme. Why? Why not? For Homecoming Week our campers are encouraged to wear themed attire each day, so we’ll be having Tie Dye Tuesday and Wacky/Tacky Wednesday this week. At the end of the week our campers will be crown a homecoming “king” and “queen” from among the counselors. I know–fun, right?

While every week is special, some weeks are downright unique. Camp Firecracker is just around the corner, and it will be a week of camp unlike any other we’ve ever offered.  Camp Firecracker will be the first dedicated week of residential camp especially for kids with ADHD to be offered in the state. That week of camp has been carefully crafted from start to finish.

This is our 91st year at Camp Fletcher, so we know a thing or two about building positive and memorable experiences for our campers. But, even after 91 years, we do everything we can to make each day at camp fresh and new.

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