Inspiring change at Camp Fletcher

18033087_10154495572008715_8204759775768497623_nToday Camp Fire Alabama is launching a campaign for Camp Fletcher. Check out our site to see how the money we raise will go towards supporting campers and improving infrastructure throughout the camp.

You can apply your gift towards providing scholarships for campers, improving our network of trails, building an obstacle course, smoothing out our rutted roads, building a treehouse library or any of the other great things the funds we raise will make possible.

We understand that there are plenty of great causes you can support, and we can hear you thinking—Camp Fletcher is a wonderful place, but it’s just a camp.  Well, not only does Camp Fletcher make summer camp possible for many children who wouldn’t otherwise be able to go to camp, Camp Fletcher truly changes lives. Here’s the true story of one such transformation that began at Camp Fletcher

What are you planning to do with that dagger?”

That’s the question one of our counselors asked a child who had spent his crafts period fashioning a wooden knife.

“Kill myself,” the boy replied.

Imagine for a moment that you didn’t grow up surrounded by people who loved you. Would your life have turned out differently? What possible reason would you have to care about others if you were convinced no one cared about you? These are the kinds of questions we confront at Camp Fletcher.  We learn to love by being loved.  We learn to care by being cared for.  Camp Fletcher is preparing the next generation of leaders to love and to care.  One kid at a time

Imagine an environment where children get to have experiences and opportunities they’ve never had before. An idyllic 300-acre setting where  they can enjoy time in the woods, exercise their imaginations and be surrounded by people who care about them. That’s what Camp Fletcher does every summer for the hundreds of at-risk kids we serve. Camp Fletcher is a place that literally changes lives.

We can only imagine what might have become of that young boy had he not attended Camp Fletcher that summer. He came to us a bullied, feeling lost, friendless and alone. The good news is he was with us that summer. With loving support and early intervention, that boy began to thrive. He attended day camp with us for the next four years. He graduated high school with exceptional grades and surrounded by friends. When he was old enough, he returned to Camp Fletcher—this time as one of our counselors.

How is Camp Fletcher changing the world?

We do it by working with one kid at a time by providing a space where every child is surrounded by friends. And love. And care.  We couldn’t do it without you. Your support makes a huge difference. Won’t you join our mission and help change the world—one kid at a time? Please visit our campaign site where you can read more about our plans for Camp Fletcher and where you can make your tax deductible donation.

Thank you!

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