Dog Day sneak peek

Dog Day simple logoWant to know what’s going to be going on all over camp during Camp Fletcher’s Dog Day Family Fest on Saturday?  Just click on the link below to find out what’s happening and when so you can plan your day with us.

With any festival schedule times and locations can shift around due to weather and any number of other reasons, but the kiosks around camp and the folks manning our information tent always will have up-to the-minute information.

Dog Day Family Fest Event Schedule

Camp Fletcher crime spree

watermelonIt’s a sad day in the Camp Fletcher garden. Three nights this week, four legged criminals have managed to defeat our highly sophisticated security measures (a short wire fence) and have just about wiped out our watermelon crop. We were oh-so-close to harvesting a bumper crop of watermelons but the furry terrorists beat us to it.

Rick Ellis, whose day job is the chief financial officer for Camp Fire Alabama (Camp Fletcher’s parent agency) planted the seeds and tenderly transplanted them from our greenhouse to the ground early this spring. Rick has been watching over and nurturing our plants ever since in anticipation of the day that he could have a delicious slice of ice cold Camp Fletcher watermelon. Now it looks like his dream has been shattered and will have to be deferred to next year.

Can the expert gardeners out there tell from the pictures what we are up against? Our leading theories are raccoons, deer or coyotes. Feral pigs, maybe?  Also, any tips for keeping the fuzzy menaces away from next year’s crop would be much appreciated.

Camp Fletcher wants you . . .

. . . to come out for our Dog Days Family Fest on August 26th!  Say goodbye to summer with a free day of outdoor fun, music, food and high jinks appropriate for the whole family.

Have we mentioned there will be puppies?

More details about the event on Facebook.  Puns about the event on Twitter. Clever promotion about the event on Instagram. Call us if you’ve got questions.