Junk in Your Trunk Returns Oct 7


Junk in Your Trunk, our popular bi-annual yard sale, returns to Camp Fletcher on Saturday October 7th between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

If you’ve never been to JIYT before, trust us, it’s a hoot.  The way it works is folks park their cars in the perimeter of our huge playing field and spread their treasures out on blankets, tables or just sell their wares out of their trunks. You never know what you’ll find at JIYT, but there’s sure to be something you can’t live without.

It costs just $10 to reserve your selling spot for the day and it’s absolutely free to shop ’til you drop. Our general store will be open and we’ll have sodas, snacks and sandwiches for sale. We’ll also have tables available for rent ($5 each).

If you’d like to reserve a space, here’s a link to the Junk in Your Trunk registration form with all the details. JIYT Registration Form

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