Alabama Power Energizes Camp Fletcher

On Friday, more than 20 members of Alabama Power’s hydro engineering team and their families spent the day at Camp Fletcher expanding and improving the network of trails through our nearly 300 acres of woodlands.

Thanks to their fantastic work, more young people and families will have access to more of Camp Fletcher than ever before.

Having engineers around sure comes in handy  for projects like this. These Alabama Power engineers generally work on hydroelectric dams but the team had no problem building a bridge on the fly using logs from trees taken down to clear our trails.

Thanks also to Cawaco and Turkey Creek Nature Preserve for arranging the loan of a trailer jam-packed with with specialized trail-building tools.

Below you’ll find before and after pictures along with some shots of good people getting sweaty for a great cause. Click on any picture for a close-up slideshow view.

Thank you to John, Herbie, Martin, Alan and everyone else at Alabama Power from all of us at Camp Fletcher, and thanks to Charles at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve. Y’all are true heroes!

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