National Civilian Community Corps Project


Camp Fletcher is happy to report that we have been part of an NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps) project at the camp. These young volunteers stayed for about two weeks and worked on a variety of projects, including widening our trail networks and building a new bridge for our trails,

Hosting the group (who came from all different parts of the country) was a pleasure and we hope that they left with a positive experience of our great state of Alabama. As part of their training and orientation, they visited the Civil Rights Institute and the Pauline Bray Fletcher memorial at Kelly Ingram Park. They also spent a day at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve, and two days at Red Mountain Park, learning about the local plant life, trail building and more.

We partnered with CAWACO, who provided the tools trailer for the team to use during their time at camp. We also partnered with The Foundry, where the team served one day when it rained.

The team also worked with in-school programs, helping us facilitate SPARK testing for students at Jonesboro Elementary, Bessemer City Middle and West Hills Elementary schools.

While we were intending to host them for a longer period, they were all called upon to help areas damaged and flooded by Hurricane Florence. We wish them well on their new journey and are proud to have been a part of their service. Even more so, we are proud to contribute to their team-building before going off to help those in great need from the natural disaster.

We cannot thank the NCCC enough for the work they’ve done out at our beautiful camp, and wish them all the best as they continue their journeys through life.

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