Parent Testimonial – Jennifer M.

Jennifer and her daughter Maddy joined the Camp Fletcher family this year. Maddy just turned 6, making her old enough to attend Camp Fletcher for the very first time this summer. We know Maddy had an amazing summer with us, and it’s great to hear Jennifer talk about their first summer experience with Camp Fletcher. We hope to see them back again next summer!

Maddy’s first summer at Camp Fletcher

How did you learn about Camp Fletcher?
My best friend’s little girl loves Camp Fletcher and we knew that Maddy would love it as much as she does!

What do you like about Camp Fletcher?
The fact that the kids are playing in nature and NOT with an electronic device in their hands.

What have your experiences with the staff been like?
Wonderful! Lynn and all the staff have been fantastic to work with, and Maddy really likes all the counselors.

What makes Camp Fletcher a good match for your family?
It’s very close to home and you can pick which days and weeks are best for you.

How is Camp Fletcher different from other summer camps you’ve been involved with?
This is our only one, but I wouldn’t even consider sending her to any other camps around here.

What made you choose Camp Fletcher?
Very high recommendations from friends. Having a nurse on staff was a huge plus for us.

Would you recommend Camp Fletcher to your friends?
Yes and I have!

If you know someone who might be interested in coming to Camp Fletcher next summer, feel free to share this or any of our other Parent Testimonials with them. We’re so thankful for our awesome camp parents, and we know you won’t be disappointed with your Camp Fletcher experience!


Nurse Spotlight: Ms. Erika!

Today, we are so excited to share a very special spotlight with you! Nurse Erika is our camp nurse, and she does a great job of keeping campers healthy & safe during summer programming. This summer is Ms. Erika’s 5th summer with us at Camp Fletcher, and we are so happy to have such an awesome health professional on our team!


What is your favorite part about working at Camp Fletcher?
My favorite part of working at Camp Fletcher is being able to not only see returning campers with all of their excitement, but to meet the new ones and watch them fall in love with camp, also. I love hearing about their favorite activities and how they’ve made so many new friends.

In your opinion, what makes Camp Fletcher the best way to spend a summer?
In my opinion, Camp Fletcher is the best way to spend the summer because it’s an opportunity to unplug from the world that is run by outlets. At camp, there’s no need for tv, video games, and iPads. Instead, there’s not enough time for capture the flag, freeze tag, tug of war, canoeing, Marco Polo in the pool, archery, and making friendship bracelets for all of your new best friends.

What is your favorite spot at camp?
That’s a tough one. I would say it’s a tie between standing on the porch of Starflight while the sun is setting behind me or being at the field pavilion the night of the camp out. The only light is the light from the fire, the lights that are strung up around the pavilion, and the stars above. Tents are set up, hammocks are stretched from tree to tree, and laughter fills the air from making s’mores by the fire. Both places are breathtaking and put life into perspective.

What are some goals you have for camp this summer?
My goal for camp this summer is to make sure that I’ve done everything that I can do as camp nurse to ensure the safety and well-being of every camper, counselor, and staff member.

What is the most interesting/exciting/strangest thing that has happened to you since you’ve been working at Camp Fletcher?
Something exciting happened last summer early one morning. A small bird, likely a Finch, found her way into the dining hall and was flying around frantically trying to find her way back out. We were able, after what seemed like a long time, to catch her safely. I took her to the Alabama Wildlife Center at Oak Mountain State Park. There they made sure she didn’t have any injuries and released her into her natural habitat. It was pretty neat to be a part of that.

We are so thrilled to have Ms. Erika as our camp nurse, and we are so thankful for everything she does to take care of our campers, counselors and staff members. Thank you, Ms. Erika!