Staff Training 2016

Camp Fletcher Summer Staff 2016

Today is the first day of summer camp and our staff has been hard at work getting ready over the past few weeks! Each year our Program Coordinator, Kasey, spends countless hours recruiting counselors for summer camp. Staff members have to be hard-working and full of energy, and Kasey hires and trains counselors that can facilitate a great summer at camp. Each counselor must participate in an extensive training program following the American Camping Association and Camp Fire’s policies and guidelines. We held staff training last week, and we wanted to give you a sneak peak into what our counselors learn!

Lifeguard training comes first, and all of our Lifeguards are trained and certified by the American Red Cross. Counselors who serve as lifeguards spent an additional week at Camp Fletcher with lifeguard trainer Jordan Barksdale. We have a great group of lifeguards this year and we’re looking forward to safe swimming at camp this summer!

Lifeguards Mia and Courtney during Lifeguard Training


All of our counselors spend a week at camp for staff training. Many of our counselors are returning, and they are great at leading songs, following directions and setting a positive tone. We are so thankful for the counselors that return year after year, and they do a great job of welcoming new counselors to the camp family, too!

Staff training was all about learning and growing. Our counselors received First Aid and CPR Certification from the McAdory Fire Department; they spent time learning to lead camp activities – from canoeing to archery to the ropes course. They sang songs, shared meals and got to know one another. They practiced common camp scenarios, learned problem solving techniques and focused on camper health and safety.

Camp Fletcher staff with Firefighter Kevin Allred from the McAdory Fire Department after First Aid and CPR Certification
These counselors have been friends since kindergarten, and we’re so excited to have them working together at camp this summer!
Counselors learning elements on the ropes course.
We love to tie-dye at camp! Check out these counselors learning one of our favorite crafts!
Hiking is a favorite camp activity and our counselors know the trails well by the end of staff training!

Learning to be a good counselor is all about thinking fast, working together and putting the needs of the camper first. It’s important that our counselors are having fun and loving camp, but our main focus is always safety. Staff training teaches our counselors how to be great leaders that can insure a safe, fun summer environment for each and every camper. We’ve got a great group of counselors this year, and we’re so excited for everything summer 2016 is going to bring! For more pictures from staff training, head over to our Facebook page!


5 Memorable Camp Fletcher Moments

If you’ve ever been to summer camp, we’re sure you remember making a new best friend or learning to canoe. Summer camp is the perfect setting to make some incredible memories, and it’s no different at Camp Fletcher! We’ve made it more than halfway through our programming, and we can’t believe the summer has gone by so fast. We’re now more than five weeks into the summer, and we know our campers are having fun and making lots of memories. In honor of wrapping up week five, we’ve got 5 memorable moments we know our campers have experienced this summer at Camp Fletcher!

An awesome jump in the pool: With a summer this hot, we know how refreshing it is to swim and play in the Camp Fletcher pool. Whether they’re searching for pool toys on the bottom, playing with their friends, or just swimming around, we know our campers love spending time in the water!


Making a new friend: Our campers get to meet a lot of new people when they come to Camp Fletcher, and this is one of the best parts about camp! Campers make new friends each day, and we know how exciting and fun it is to meet someone new!

A great canoe ride in Shades Creek: Our campers LOVE to canoe, and it’s definitely one of the most exciting activities – especially for kids who have never done it before! Shades Creek is beautiful, and we know our campers love to explore as they’re paddling with their friends and learning from their counselors.


Learning something new: From the ropes course to arts & crafts, our campers are sure to learn something new each day! We know how exciting this new discovery can be, and we’re sure that our campers carry what they learn this summer with them for years to come.

Connecting with a counselor: Our counselors work hard to make sure campers are safe, happy and having fun! Our small staff to camper ration means they get to know each other, and it’s always great to see our counselors and campers connecting!


We know a summer at Camp Fletcher can be a life-changing experience, and making memories that last a lifetime are such an important part of that! The summer is only half-way over, but we can already see the impact our programs have on our campers, and that is definitely the best part about working at camp. We love seeing campers live the Camp Fletcher experience!

Lifeguard Spotlight: Ms. Julia

Ms. Julia currently lives in McCalla, Alabama. She is new to this area having moved here last summer when her husband experienced a job transfer. Her background is in technical writing for manufacturers of consumer goods. This is Ms. Julia’s first year at Camp Fletcher!

Julia_Lifeguard 2

What made you choose Camp Fletcher?
I noticed Camp Fletcher as I was driving around familiarizing myself with this area. I loved camping as a child, so once I realized there was a camp so close to my home I went online to learn more about it. I found the job & volunteer opportunities page and contacted Camp Fire Alabama to volunteer my writing skills. While visiting with Sian (Marketing & Communications) I mentioned that I was studying to get my Lifeguard Certification; she encouraged me to apply for a Lifeguard position at the camp.

What previous experiences do you have that you think will make you a great Lifeguard?
I have a huge love of the water which I share with my husband and daughter. I started swimming when I was about the same age as the Navajo tribe (grades 1-3) and have enjoyed playing in pools, lakes and oceans all my life. When my daughter was still a toddler I started teaching her how to swim. I found if she played in the pool for an hour in the evening she used up enough energy to fall asleep quickly at bedtime. When I lived in Saudi Arabia I learned to scuba dive and got to see many amazing and beautiful sites in the Red Sea. Through lifeguard, scuba and other water safety training courses I have learned how to safely enjoy water activities and I look forward to spreading this knowledge to our campers.

What are you most excited about for summer 2015 at Camp Fletcher?
I am looking forward to watching the camper’s skills and confidence grow. In just my first week of guarding I’ve seen campers that were not strong enough to pass the swim test practice and be able to advance to the deep end. I also watched two young campers who had just successfully passed the test proudly show their new friends how to move their arms and kick their feet so they could learn to swim too.

We are so happy to have Ms. Julia with us as a lifeguard. It’s been a great summer so far, and we’re so glad she’s joined the Camp Fletcher family!